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Explorez Des Visages, 2010 Photographie et plus encore ! Antoine Schneck, Sank Bah ©

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Steve McCurry

India | Steve McCurry

gyravlvnebe: Me and my dog Pandora, adopted from the street© Sergei Sarakhanov

If you don't think she's beautiful, you need to rethink beautiful - Pakistan

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Couple de touaregs - Mali

Africa | Portrait of a Tuareg couple. Mali | © Véronique Corsat

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Antoine Schneck Antoine Schneck, Hounou Barry ©

The Haitians are a people of the Caribbean, the main population of the Republic of Haiti comprises the western part of the island of Haiti Group of the Greater Antilles. In anthropological terms - 90% Negroid, mulattoes others. The Africans of West Africa were imported by the French to work in the plantations. As part of the national liberation struggle (1791-1804) most whites fled the island, some were killed. Haiti - the first country in the Caribbean and Latin America gained its…