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In 1820, Martin Fugate and his wife Elizabeth Smith moved onto the banks of Troublesome Creek, a beautiful area in Appalachian Kentucky. There is no official recording as to whether Martin was actually blue, but he and his wife both carried a recessive gene that would turn their son Zachariah Fugate a startling blue color. Martin and Elizabeth had seven children: four of them were blue. Since the gene causing the blue coloration is recessive, the family had a 25% chance of having a blue…

One of the Blue Fugates of Kentucky, a recessive genetic disorder (propagated in the area because of close relations marrying) causes them to be decidedly blue.

The Supremes at the funeral procession for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Delayed Development

Original Picture of Pocahontas | This famous Sedgeford portrait of Pocahontas and her son, Thomas Rolfe ...

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Du WTF à l’ancienne #2

wingin' it.

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Hillbillies, Feuds and Family

Randolph McCoy - McCoy clan of the famous Hatfield/McCoy feud

<3 wartime lovers, England ca. 1914-1918