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Walking Gracefully in high heels - even stilettos! - using the Alexander Technique

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Asheville, NC

ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE: Now a standard class in conservatories throughout the country, the Alexander Technique heightens every skill required of the actor. We offer this class in Adult & Youth Acting Programs as well as individually and through private coaching!

No matter how old you are, if you can move-you can dance!

Alexander Technique British Medical Journal Back Pain Study. A video testimonial to the Alexander Technique as useful treatment for back pain.

One for the girls, The True Effect of High Heels. that's not to say there isn't a way to wear them with out doing yourself harm

Avoid bringing your whole body down in order to reach the next higher step. Instead, just keep driving your moving leg toward the step and you will go up. Leland Vall.

Procedural tips on using Alexander Technique

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Improve Your Posture During Rush Hour - Alexander Technique on the Train

Using Alexander Technique to sit more comfortably during your public transit commute

▶ Alexander Technique - 3 Tips On Bending - YouTube