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Hibiscus Plant Care

Hibiscus Plant Care - To make sure that you get bright showy hibiscus year after year, here are a few handy hibiscus plant care tips.

Hibiscus Pruning: How To Prune A Hibiscus Plant

Hibiscus plants thrive on attention. Pruning hibiscus is a great way to give these plants just what they need. Pruning helps stimulate budding on new shoots. By Nikki Phipps (Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden)

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Tropical Hibiscus Container Gardening – Tips For Planting Hibiscus In Pots

Tropical hibiscus is a flowering shrub that displays big, showy blooms from spring through autumn. Growing tropical hibiscus in containers on a patio or deck is a good option; hibiscus performs best when its roots are slightly crowded. Read here to learn more.

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Hibiscus Luna Red is a wonderfully compact, bushy plant with gigantic 8" bright…

How To Care For A Potted Hibiscus Tree

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