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Aple-arrange/ process/ loop/ édit explains the creative process of audiovisual multimedia artist amoeba (a.k.a scott mcpherson). This dynamic collection of animated typography + design highlights his series of investigations, matured in style + refined in technique. To further the experimentation a number of guest artists were asked to re-interpret the aple technique, resulting in a additional collection of "reaction" spawned from amoebas original versions.

onedotzero_select dvd 3 features twenty creative works from directors at the forefront of the new wave of moving image. Released 11th Oct 2004. Leading graphic talents include Precursor, Richard Fenwick, Intro, Pleix and Psyop with rising stars Ruben Fleischer, Simon Robson and Dan Chambers to create a vibrant and essential mix of creative visions and styles.

Ryuke is a collection of works by two tokyo based producers VJ REEL and K-Mixx which explores animation concepts and virtual space thougt 3d experimentation. Elements of thier work were shared with artists globally who applied additional techniques to the visual material. The result is a dense archive of comtemporary audiovisueal content which has a place in cinema, club spaces and galleries.

The interplay of contrast & unity of weight and shape creates a dynamic composition (2012-02) a

Akatre conçoit de manière rigoureuse et appliquée toutes les formes nécessaires à la réalisation d’identités visuelles singulières. Le studio (...)

NEEV, THE ETERNAL DEBATE / POSTER SERIES by Emanuel Cohen, via Behance

"Nébuleuse Sonore" Réalisation de l’identité visuelle imprimée et animée de la chaine musicale MUSIQ III. Projet fictif, réalisé dans le cadre de mes études. par Noémie Cédille, designer indépendante, Paris

The Typography Workshop