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Handcrafted Nail Brush

This brush is created to give your nails a gentle yet revitalizing deep clean.

Horsehair Oak Face Brush

Relieve your day's stress with this soft face brush that gives you a gentle yet rejuvenating massage.

Aquarium Giona Medium L 27 cm

Whale fish bowl

Lana Bathrobe

100% cotton bathrobe made in a traditional slow weaving technique to create the wool-like look, while maintaining the soft touch of premium cotton.

Un boite à humeur pour aider l'enfant à faire le bilan de sa journée.

Mason Jar Attachments

Use the various Mason Jar Attachments to create instant drink travellers, soap dispensers, cheese graders and more. The attachments work with a variety of jars, and are completely BPA and phthalate free.

Pure Linen Aprons from Lithuania

These stunning linen aprons are handmade carefully using highly quality organic materials, making it extremely durable and comfortable to wear.

Corbeille à papier BLACK (marque : Pierre Henry)

Miso Soup Donabe

The Miso Soup Donabe is a 67 ounce clay pot that is ideal for cooking soups and stews. It has an extra thick body and far-infrared radiation (FIR) that helps cook the ingredients and develop the flavor gradually. The pot also features beautiful curves and a unique texture which makes it a great table-top display. Made in Japan.