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Im going to smile while I talk to you... But in my head im saying "You're a Fucking Idiot". | Confession Ecard |

If you're curious about my sense of humor and general demeanor in the kitchen and when I deal with chefs. I embrace my femininity, but don't let that be a point of weakness.

Yeah thats pretty much how it went. PP: Last day at the job like a Boss! - ecards - omglr

This is my answer to your stupid comments (if only you could say this, I'll just have to think it instead)

Cet été après moultes recherches désastreuses de baraque en Corse (ouai je dois être probablement la seule Corse pur souche qui n'a ...

Ecards About Work | Tis true. *sigh* #ecards #humor @Kelly

I look pretty stunning for someone who will be sharing her bed with a pet tonight.

Please make these idiots shut the fuck up before I lose my shit and burn this mother fucker to the ground. / Workplace Ecard /

i'm a lady but when i'm mad - Google Search

I've decided to add "extensive experience in dealing with stupid people" to my resume. That has got to be a marketable skill !