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Юрий Гагарин с женой о новорожденной дочкой. Оренбург. 1959 г. Перед зачислением в отряд космонавтов

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Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) en 1921 épousant Elizabeth Hadley Richardson, avec qui il aura un enfant, Jack (père de Margaux et Mariel Hemingway). Le couple divorcera en 1927.
Hemingway was wounded by an Austrian mortar shell at the Italian front on July 7th, 1918. Though hit with 227 pieces of shrapnel, he pulled a wounded Italian soldier to safety, and was later awarded a medal for bravery by the Italian army. He was a non-combatant, charged with delivering rations before the shell hit, and felt that he did not deserve the honor.  For more, check out ERNEST HEMINGWAY: A NEW LIFE: http://www.psupress.org/books/titles/978-0-271-07534-1.html #Hemingway
les marchés de Paris

Antiques, Organics, and French Pate: Diving into the Markets of Paris

“You should not judge; you should understand.” — Ernest Hemingway #WiseWords

#WiseWords from Ernest Hemingway

A trip to Paris isn't complete with a healthy dose of shopping. Parisians excel in this department for sure! All shops, even the most simple...
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