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trois faucons plus wallpaper

commando gestures / always good to know… Plus

Some heroic soldiers helping people across.

Aerobatic Maneuvers //

Aerobatic Maneuvers //

Sherman Tanks coming ashore after D-Day.

Google Translation - Lima, the Peruvian air force to receive the first of four AleniaAermacchi C-27J "Spartan" tactical transport. The plane No. FAP-328 is the first of two copies commissioned in December 2013. The Peruvian air force has doubled its order a year later. The C-27J "Spartan" will be operated from the premises of the airbase in Lima-Callao by the 844 th Tactical Transport Squadron. The C-27J "Spartan" The C-27J "Spartan" is a fixed-wing aircraft of Light Utility Tactical…

January 6, 2016, at the controls of a C-2A Greyhound, an American crew conducted a series of landings on the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. The nine landings and the series of touch-and-go (or lay-off maneuvers) made allowed three American pilots to practice landing on the French aircraft carrier.

Les avions militaires russes en images

Russian Mikoyan Mig-25 "Foxhound" supersonic long range single seat fighter. Born in the Cold War era of the sixties it was initially a hig speed interceptor. Most of fleet have been recently modernised and improved both structurally and electronic systems wise.

C-27J "Spartan" fixed-wing aircraft of multipurpose light tactical transport for various missions. Particularly handy and versatile, rugged C-27J provides highest power to weight ratio in its class with ability to perform maneuvers in load factor of around 3G, allowing tight turns and rapid rise descent. C-27J unique ability to vary floor height, to constantly adjust, for easy loading and unloading of large volume payloads at high density without support equipment facilitating "drive-in…

U.S. accuses Russian warship of aggressive maneuvers near U.S. navy ship

U.S. accuses Russian warship of aggressive maneuvers near U.S. navy ship | Reuters 07.02.16 A Russian warship carried out aggressive and erratic maneuvers close to a U.S. Navy ship in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, the second such Cold War-style incident there in a matter of weeks, the U.S. military said on Saturday.