Watercolor pencils look the same as regular colored pencils and can be used the same way.But, the real magic happens when water is added transforming the pencils and causing them to behave like watercolor paint. Here are a few ideas and techniques you can try with this exciting and versatile medium!

I'm going to spend an entire day on this site and paint and paint and paint. That's my next vacation.

Letter P Zentangle - Inspired by the font "Harrington" Plus

Watercolor techniques for beginners-Blending|Zakkiya Hamza of Inkstruck Studio

Les aquarelles d'animaux de Tilen Ti…

Pre-filled Watercolor brushes. Perfect for art or travel journal, llena de colores tu mejor momento

Once you’ve taken Yao’s Beginning Watercolor workshop, you’re ready to learn more complex techniques. Yao begins this 2-part course by sharing her unique style of painting roses, tulips, peonies and more. In the second class, she focuses on layering techniques, showing how to use watercolor’s...

Birgit O'Connor Watercolor: Tips: Tools to Apply Masking Fluid

Il sagit dune impression jet dencre darchives de laquarelle originale. Inspiré par un précédent voyage dans les montagnes de lAdirondack, Yao voulu créer une peinture qui vraiment capturé la profondeur et les patrons, quelle vit dans les forêts. FORMATS dimpression: 8 « x 10 », 11 « x 14 », 16 « x 20 ». Pour les grandes tailles, veuillez visiter www.yaochengdesign.com PAPIER : Imprimé sur un chiffon de coton 100 % Archives, 330gsm mat avec des encres darchives. Lencadrement : Nous avons é...

Leaf technique #1: Scratching in lines Use a sharp tool such as a toothpick to incise or scratch vein lines into WET paint. Paint will settle in the scraped area, making a dark line.

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