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New to keeping bees? Should you start with a nuc or with a package of bees? Check out this article to find out!

How to Get Started Keeping Bees

The nurse bees watch over two queen cells. These acorn-shaped alveoli are larger than the others, have a pointed tip at their base, and stand out from the perfect regularity of the comb frame.

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Royal jelly is exceptionally nourishing and allow bee larvae to grow like no other species in the animal kingdom. Royal jelly will allow a larva to see its weight multiply by 1,800 in five days. The Honey

A bee inspects a royal cell filled with royal jelly. Royal jelly is essential for the development of a colony. This secretion mixed with pre-digested pollen is produced by the pharyngeal glands of the young nursing bees. It is an exceptional nutrient allowing bee larvae to grow at a pace with no equivalent in the rest of the animal kingdom. #bees

Backyard Bee Keeping

the birth of a queen bee

If you want to start keeping bees...