Blind Spot Jewellery - forged goods
This is fascinating. I knew different materials would put off different colors, but the *pattern* guide is rather amazing.
Progression forging of the shelf bracket posted earlier. Along side the tools used.
Forging an axe                                                                                                                                                                                 More
This video will teach you how to forge an axe
Kris Forge and Workshop | Brasstown NC | North Carolina
My tool for double twisting - posted in Tools and Equipment : Hi folks.Resently I was walking around trough the forum and saw very strange tool for double twisting.Unfortunately I cant remember the name who post it ,but he was used a wheel of bicycle which was welded to some bracked ....[OMG]To me its take too much time to do this,so my tool is very simple and dont need anything - just hot iron .In my case I used 12 mm square bar and  about 10 cm width/sorry but we use the metric system/...
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