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FIFA World Cup 2014: Netherlands, Australia, and Spain - Art by ctcsherry.tumblr.com

FIFA World Cup 2014: Cameroon and Croatia - Art by ctcsherry.tumblr.com

FIFA World Cup 2014: France, Ecuador, and Switzerland - Art by ctcsherry.tumblr.com

2014 FIFA World Cup: Russia, Belgium, and South Korea - Art by ctcsherry.tumblr.com - That's it for this set! Obviously, there are more participating nations than what's been seen in this series, but the artist only covered those that had official Hetalia designs.

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Spain, he smiles so brightly

Sketches, studio ghibli

Natsu is gonna flip shit when he hears about Makarov....

i hate those blobs

Ecuador (FYI: he IS now an official character - yay!) - Art by Moguimo

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