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Africa | Vest from the Xhosa people of King Williams Town District, Ceskei region, South Africa | Bead, cord, cloth and shell buttons | ca. 2nd half of the 20th century

Africa | An old bridal beaded collar from the Xhosa people of South Africa | Glass beads and fiber | ca. 1970s

Africa | Beaded bag from the Zulu or Ndebele people of South Africa | 19th century | Cotton, glass beads and shell

Africa | Diviner's necklace ~ odigba ifa ~ from the Yoruba people of Nigeria | Glass beads, cotton; bead embroidery | Est. 3'000 - 5'000$ ~ (Nov '11)

Africa | Beaded belt from Lesotho. 20th century | Glass beads, copper and cord.

African Beaded Adornment Aprons Skirts Tobacco Bag Beadwork

Ashish 'sprinkle' Sequin Embroidered Dress - Smets -

Achetez Ashish 'Sprinkle' sequin embroidered dress en Smets from the world's best independent boutiques at Découvrez 400 boutiques à la même adresse.

South Africa | Ear plugs from the Zulu people; inlaid vinyl | Est. Lot 43) 2'500 - 3'000 ZAR and Lot 45) 2'00 - 2'500 ZAR ~ May '15

Zulu Belt

Africa | Large old belt / girdle from the Zulu people of South Africa | Fiber and glass beads

South Africa | Necklace from the Nguni (Thembu, Xhosa) people. | Glass beads, cotton and wool