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DIY Homemade Mayo in 2 Minutes + Tips for Success

Super simple and delicious recipe for homemade mayo, plus tips for making it fail proof every single time! You only need 4 ingredients, and there's suggestions for flavored mayo too! Perfect recipe for novice cooks & it tastes SO much better than store-bought! ::

homemade sweetened condensed milk

Crunchy-Baked Garlic “Popcorn” Chicken with Creamy Parmesan-Ranch Dipping Sauce

Ditch the store bought Mayo! - Oh Lardy! :: Want all the Oh Lardy awesomeness delivered right to your inbox? Grab our newsletter here:

30-Second Mayonnaise

An easy recipe to make your 30 second mayonnaise!

15 Boxed Food Mixes You Never Have To Buy Again

15 Boxed Food Mixes You'll Never Have To Buy Again: C'est souvent meilleur quand on le fait sois-même, non? ;-)

Texas roadhouse butter - Butter, Sugar, Honey, and Cinnamon. #recipe

The Best Homemade Ranch Recipe

Make delicious homemade ranch with this dry ranch recipe mix. Combine with wet ingredients for a delicious, creamy ranch dressing or dip.

Homemade Tomato Paste

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sauce blanche kebab : 2 yaourts à la grecque, 2 cuillères à café de mayonnaise, 1/2 citron pressé, 1 échalote, 1 cuillère à café de ciboulette, de persil et facultativement de menthe, lait - sel, 1 pincée de piment doux, 1 pincée de cumin, 1 cuillère à café d’ail en poudre, Poivre noir