"She's drunk" ~ Full House - Quotes #fullhouse #fullhousetvquotes

Who doesn't remember the epic baby bet. Lesson for all men: GIRLS RULE!!

We've all done this before...maybe just me...

Outfits backfire. And when they do, other women can get catty. 16 Things You Learned About Being a Woman from "Full House"

Then add How I Met Your Mother, Marshall as the Funny One, Ted as the Nerdy One, and Barney as the Ladies Man

Nicknames stick, and they're not always fun. | 24 Important Life Lessons D.J. Tanner From "Full House" Taught Us

The funny phrases of Full House. Oh Mylanta! Don't forget about the greeenora fadora.

Full House. Michelle and Joey. Ha ha! How adorable.

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