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An emaciated child eats in the streets of the Warsaw ghetto. Warsaw, Poland, between 1940 and 1943.

Lessons from the Warsaw Ghetto for Americans Today

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Les enfants de la 2eme guerre mondiale, 29 photos saisissantes

Unknown prisoner in the Warsaw ghetto holding a dead body, swollen from hunger baby.

Auschwitz, Poland, A boy wearing a prisoners uniform after liberation, 1945. A triangular badge with a number is sewn to the uniform.

June 8, 1972, Highway 1, Vietnam. The journalist Christopher Wain (right, crouching) has sprinkled water on the napalm burnt body of the young Pan Thi Kim Phuc. | AP / Nick Ut

Warsaw, Poland, Two starving children on the pavement in the ghetto.

French fleeing south to escape the German offensive - 1940. Roger-Viollet

Children in the Warsaw ghetto, May 1941.

American Soldiers Moving Stolen and Hidden Art Works Found at the End of Wwii

During a roundup for deportation in eastern Poland in 1942, Gitta Rosenzweig—then three or four years old—was sent into hiding. She ended up in a Catholic orphanage. In 1946, Ida Rosenshtein, a family friend and a survivor, learned of the child's whereabouts and sought to claim her. After denying that it held a Jewish child, the orphanage relinquished custody after Ida recognized Gitta and a local Jewish committee paid a "redemption" fee. Gitta is pictured here on the day she left the…