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Boulevard Saint-Michel du boulevard Saint Michel

Palladius street on the right, stretching towards the south, and the Western bathhouse to its right. The Theater is seen on the far left. In the background is the modern city of Beit Shean, and behind it are the Gilboa Mountains.

Baiae, was a Roman seaside resort on the Bay of Naples. It was for several hundred years a fashionable resort, especially towards the end of the Roman Republic. Baiae was an integral part of Portus Julius, home port of the western Imperial Fleet of ancient Rome. Baiae was sacked by Muslim raiders in the 8th century AD and was deserted because of malaria by 1500. Because of coastal subsidence most of it is now under water in the Bay of Naples.

They were focused on entertainment so they built theaters instead of temples during this time; as seen by the Grand Theater of Ephesus.

THE BRESLIN at The Ace Hotel 16 west 29th street new york, new york 10001 212-679-1939 April Bloomfield’s deep passion for eggs can be seen on the brunch menus at her restaurants: At the Breslin, she offers them nine ways, including poached with curried lentils and yogurt, fried with cotechino sausage and spiced beans, and baked with chorizo and tomato. No bookings

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Walking Tours in Rome, Italy

The eternal city of Rome has seen the rise and fall of many civilizations. Christian Saints, historic figures of the past and present have walked the Roman streets. Historic locations, great pieces of architecture and places of interest are practically on every corner. There are cities and there is Rome. And Rome has it all.

ABOUT Tendril is a relatively young studio and we are always looking for ways to experiment with the brand and its possibilities.We hope you enjoy this sound-synchronized logo reconstruction sequence. If you have seen our 2011 Showreel, you may recognize some of the animation, which was intercut there to form a visual backbone for the edit.