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Please stop the destruction, live #vegan

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Tell me how mankind can manage to feed (and slaughter) 10 billion farm animals each year, meanwhile 10.9 million human children die of starvation each year. Almost 30,000 children starve to death globally EACH DAY. This is WRONG. This is one of the many reasons I refuse to support the meat and dairy industries.

moral compass: include all living creatures #vegan

Lol, well majority of humans ARE actually lactose intolerant, which is why Vegans don't experience smelly gas, smelly breath or B.O.

If we cannot bear to see what we eat; it is not the seeing that is wrong, it is the eating.

Love animals, don't eat them. And if you are going to eat them, at least demand that they are treated humanely!

#truth ❤️ and how cute is this pic!

A previous pinner said: I know that images like these are horrible. But what's happening to animals in factory farms every day is horrible. Suffering, fear and death is reality for them. Is it right to turn a blind eye? No. We don't need to eat meat and dairy to be healthy. The right thing to do is go vegan.