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Smart Apps For Special Needs: FREE Life Skills video modeling apps! Four apps for free!

Really Thorough Resource on Life Skills goals and activity ideas

Smart Apps For Special Needs: Good Free App of the Day: InPromptu - Teach skills through video modeling

DIY yarn organizer for kids art. It is great to facilitate the autonomy in the art center. Easy to store too!

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Student Coffee Business for Special Education

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Visual Schedule Planner is completely customizable Audio-Visual  Schedule/ Calendar  specifically designed for individuals with who may benefit from the use of visual supports to ease transitions, anxiety or for those who may need a way to visually represent the "events" in their day.  This is especially true for people with special needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, aquired brain injuries, learning challenges, auditory proccessing disorders and developmental delays.

21 mars 2014, journée mondiale de la Trisomie 21. Une infographie à partager !

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How to Set Up an Independent Work Box Station

Breezy Special Ed: How to Set Up an Independent Work Box Station. Very practical and useful information if you teach in a special ed or life skills setting. Read more at: www.breezyspecial...