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'Bast Of The Sun' by ~BohemianWeasel on deviantART.

In Celtic mythology, Arianrhod, goddess of the Silver Wheel, carries the souls of the deceased to Emania. Arianrhod is associated with and can transform into an Owl, and through the eyes of the Owl, can see the truth in the human soul.

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Musée du Louvre

Égypte / Egypt (3e Période Intermédiaire, 1069 - 664 avant J.-C. / 3rd Intermediate Period, 1069-664 BC), Amulette : chat / Amulet: cat © Musée du Louvre - Georges Poncet

Statuette of Bastet, from the #Egyptian pantheon

The Greek Goddess Artemis was worshiped in most Greek cities but only as a secondary deity. However, to the Greeks in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) she was a prominent deity. In Ephesus, a great temple was built in her honor, which became one of the "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World". At Ephesus she was worshiped mainly as a fertility goddess, (and was identified with Cybele the Mother Goddess).

Bastet (or Bast) is a Feline Goddess of Egypt worshipped since the Second Dynasty. Bastet began as a Lioness Goddess and became a Cat Goddess. One myth relates that Bast, as a lioness, fiery and wrathful, was once cooled down by the water of a lake and transformed into a gentle cat and settled in a temple. Bast was a Goddess of the Sun throughout most of Ancient Egyptian history, but later when she was changed into a Cat Goddess rather than a lioness, she was changed to a Goddess of the…

Isis - Goddess of Magic and Nature. Friend of slaves, sinners, artisans and downtrodden / Egyptian Mythology

Egyptian Sun God Ra. Gods & Titans Oracle Review: