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How to Choose the Right Size Sweater to Knit

The secret to becoming a great knitter!

A loop pulled through a loop pulled through a loop. The loop shown is a knit stitch BECAUSE it was pulled from the back through to the front - see how it pokes forward/up.

Braided Scarf Tutorial. Love this slipped stitch border.

How to keep the facing of a knit sweater flat. This technique will give you the clean look of stockinette without the headache of rolling edge

Fun and colourful slippers. Ribbed Confetti by DROPS Design. Free #knitting Pattern

How to make a nice edge stitch. At the beginning of the row, hold the yarn in front (instead of in the back as it usually would be). Insert your needle in the back of the first stitch (knitwise) and slip it (without knitting it). Continue knitting your row as usual. The last stitch is knit normally. Only the first stitch is treated differently. You can use this technique for stockiness or garter.

Using self striping/ self patterning sock yarn. Two skeins- one in brights , one in pastel. Self-striping sock yarn often gives a unique appeal to accessories.

How To Knit A Sl3slk3tog - Tutorial (Truly Myrtle)

How To Knit A Sl3slk3tog - Tutorial

Free Knitting Pattern - "Sea Line" knit tank top with back closure

Love of Spiders Shawl Kit

I like this shawl, but I hate the name of it LOL Love of Spiders Shawl Kit – Knit Purl