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Spiders are not insects. URL: http://wolfspider.org/

peacock spider

Camel spiders (Solifugae) These terrifying creatures became infamous when American soldiers who had returned home from Iraq told of cat size spiders that could bite chunks out of human flesh. Solifugae are not actually true spiders but belong to a distinct arachnid order.

Les araignées : Des petites bêtes mignonnes

Huge (120 mm tip to tip) and likely very fast and poisonous, the Tiger Spider (Poecilotheria rajaei) from Sri Lanka is the perfect arachnophobe's nightmare. Usually lives in trees but is known to creep in houses every now and then.

A PINK ephebopus cyanognathus tarantula

L'araignée de verger (Leucage venusta) qui se produit depuis le sud du Canada à la Colombie, le long de la côte Est.

Translucent Butterfly

A Triangular Spider, Arkys sp

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