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Beekeeping 101: Hiving Bees and Homemade Sugar Syrup

Beekeeping 101: Hiving The Bees and Homemade Sugar Syrup April 27, 2014

Blissfully Content: Beekeeping: Assembling Your Hive and Necessary Gear

2 Common Ways To Get Bees. The 1s method, & the most common, is what is called a package of bees. A package comes in 3 sizes. 2, 3, & 4 lb.sizes. They come in a little box that has screened sides & a small can inside with sugar syrup to keep them alive, with a small cage suspended in the box that contains the queen. The 2nd is called a Nuc, or a nucleus hive. This is a miniature hive, usually 5 frames of bees, brood, honey, & pollen. A bit more expensive, but carries some huge benefits.

Beekeeping in the city reduces food miles and makes good use of rooftops and backyards • Photo of a beekeeper in New York City by Eric Tourneret, “the Bee Photographer”

Beekeeping with Children | Everything Home with Carol:

Ce printemps, le premier essaim baladeur sera installé dans l’espace central prévu pour accueillir 8 cadres. Lorsque les 8 cadres seront construits et que la population sera très importante, 4 cadres fraichement pondus seront pris au centre. Ils seront placés, sans la reine, dans les 4 ruchettes périphériques avec un nourrissement protéiné et du sirop léger. Si tout va bien, les abeilles élèveront 1 reine dans chaque élément. Le nourrissement sera prolongé jusqu’à ce que la population soit…

Bee Hives | Best tips and important things to know for beekeeping on the farm or homestead

How To Become A Backyard Beekeeper

There seems to be a real resurgence with beekeeping, and that's a good thing, as one thing is for sure - the bees need our help right now. If you have large garden/backyard, and you are into growing your own/homesteading, I highly recommend you consider...