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sailorgil: «Barque Hougoumont - 1920" logofssmrsunguentine: Quatre Mâts Bark Hougemont via

Quatre-mâts- Four-masted sailing ship LIVERPOOL under sail, Washington, ca. 1904. :: Wilhelm Hester Photographs

Vaisseau du roi soleil vu de l’arrière, planche de l’album dit de Colbert

The three-masted, iron-hulled barque Elissa was built in 1877 in Aberdeen, Scotland and is said to take her name from the epic poem The Aeneid. Elissa is one of only three ships of her age in the United States that still sails. She is a National Historic Landmark and the Official Tall Ship of Texas.

Stunsails- A studding sail, studsail or stunsail[1] (traditionally pronounced stuns'l) is a sail used to increase the sail area of a square rigged vessel. It is an extra sail hoisted alongside a square-rigged sail on an extension of its yardarm. It is named by prefixing the word studding to the name of the working sail alongside which it is set.

Queen Anne's Revenge ship