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Usui San taught what is now known as mindfulness meditation as a central part of his spiritual practice. Indeed, the five reiki precepts describe the benefits, bliss and experience of being in a mindful state. You can learn mindfulness free here - MBSR Introduction

Self care & developing positive coping skills - 20 ideas to get you started:

The intelligence of your heart is far more advanced than your mind. We have been trained to trust the process of figuring things out, instead of feeling them. Once you learn to tune into what you are feeling, you realize how you can let go of over thinking. Your heart resides in the eternal now. It understands far more and allows for a higher perspective. Your heart will guide you. Feel your way. The intelligence revealed is universal and true. There is only love ~ Anara WhiteBear

Buddhism. Steve McCurry.

RARE 1902 Antique Human Anatomy Medical Print Multiple Layers Eyes Ear Hand Foot | eBay

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