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Dartmoor Bronze Age grave part 4. A delicate woven bracelet with tin studs was also unearthed. A total of 35 tin studs are held in place by a band of woven cow hair. While the metal has oxidized, it would have been shiny in appearance. ‘The use of tin for decorative objects is exceptionally rare within prehistoric burial contexts in Britain and despite tin being a locally available resource on Dartmoor, this is the first time it has been found within a prehistoric archaeological context.

The Tune stone is an important runestone from about 200–450 CE. It bears runes of the Elder Futhark, and the language is Proto-Norse. It was discovered in 1627 in the church yard wall of the church in Tune, Østfold, Norway. Today it is housed in the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History in Oslo.

A Late Bronze Age gold ball from Tumna, Co. Roscommon, Ireland, c. 800-700 BC

Ces trois poignards en bronze proviennent d’un tumulus de l’âge du Bronze ancien (2000-1600 avant notre ère) dont la chambre a été détruite au XIXe siècle. Ce type de poignards était réservé à une élite enterrée dans de grands monuments funéraires. © H. Paitier, Inrap

Must Farm Quarry in Whittlesey, southeast England. Hundreds of 3,000-year-old artifacts were found, among them textiles, swords, eel traps, spear tips, tools, a charred platform bridge and bowls of nettle stew, nettle stew still within. It’s the largest Bronze Age find ever made in Britain.

Poignard provenant d'une des sépultures de la nécropole de l'âge du Bronze final fouillée à Migennes (Yonne) en 2004.

Argyle, Scotland - Jet necklace - buried with a bronze age chieftain, 2000 BC - jet was mined in Whitby

Bronze Age : Blanot teasure, museum of Dijon- 2: CULTURE DES CHAMPS D'URNES: En Bourgogne on fit la découverte de l'un de ces sépultures: le trésor de BLANOT. Il se compose entre autres d'un chaudron contenant les vêtements d'une femme et ses parures en or ou en bronze. Seuls les colliers, au nombre de 3, sont en or. Les jambières, la ceinture et le bracelet sont en bronze.

Bronze Age treasure trove sheds light on life 4,000 years ago

The basket (pictured) is around 4,000 years old and held a collection of ancient beads, wooden earrings and a flink flake, shedding light on...