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Coup de “bar” du vendredi ? Normal !... ;) Bar sauvage à l'étuvé, coquillages…

La Cuisine c'est simple: Simple comme les couteaux grillés de Christian Etchebest (Hotel Kilina, Porto-Vecchio)

Encornets farcis presque comme à Sète

Recette de dorades royales barbecue à la sauce persillée d’Helena Loureiro

Dessins et illustrations de céphalopodes

dessin illustration poulpe cephalopode 06 Dessins et illustrations de céphalopodes

Smoked Trout and Beet Salad With Pink Caviar

This pretty winter salad gets an upgrade with a garnish of trout roe, sometimes known as pink caviar Salmon roe is an option, too, as is a dab of relatively inexpensive paddlefish caviar Make the salad as a first course composed on individual plates, or, for a stand-up cocktail affair, serve a small amount of the mixture spooned into the sturdy red leaves.

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You must beat the squid up to 100 times with a rock or hit against the pavement as they do in Greece.

Bringing duck home / A guide to cooking a bird that's both crisp and juicy