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Elote, Sub-chief of the Apache, ca. 1900

United Eastern Lenape Nation

Historic Iroquois and Wabanaki Beadwork

William Penn and the Lenape Indians

This book tells the story of the relations between the original settlers of the Delaware Valley and the white colonists of Pennsylvania. Most of the story is recounted through the eyes of Penn who tri

Shackled and hand-cuffed Apache Prisoners.

"Great Surprise"—Native Americans Have West Eurasian Origins

Nearly one-third of Native American genes come from west Eurasian peoples with ties to the Middle East and Europe, according to the oldest human genome yet sequenced, a new study says.

Every Wind - Ojibwa

Cabin, settlers of the Teton Valley

Standing L-R: Me-She-Sea (Osage), Wah-Tsa-Moie (Osage), Maj. W.A. Oliphant (U.S. Army Officer), Ed Big Horse (Osage), Thomas Mosier Sitting L-R: Saucy Chief (Osage), Wah-She-Pe-She (Osage), Alvin Peterson Hovey (Indiana Governor), Ne-Kah-Ko-La (Osage), Claremore (Osage) – 1888