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Try this exciting 5 min workout for kids and families and "Get Fit"! It's only five really fun exercise moves and the chorus will have you "jumping up and down and following along". Now "Get Fit and throw your hands in the air"! Download the song on iTunes and help us eliminate childhood obesity.

KIDS DANCE VIDEOS - Fun Workouts for Kids | Level I: Learn it! The Bone Rap Dance Party

Pierre et le loup - YouTube

KMPlusMedia - Aerobics for kids, Part 1

Ecoutes musicales - CM1

Waka Waka zumba routine for kids

Transformer les paroles d'une chanson - Mme Bonydé

KIDS DANCE VIDEOS - Fun Workouts for Kids | LEVEL 1: Learn it! Beat of Our Body Dance Party



6 Kids Fit Kids' Workouts

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