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Master Workers to the Podium, 1972

Picture This Gallery, Hong Kong | No Food Wastage 人民不允许有浪费粮食的行为!Vintage Chinese Propaganda poster. Artwork by Ma Le Chuan/ Huang Zhen Liang. Printed in Shanghai, China. The Three-anti Campaign (1951) was a reform movement originally issued by Mao Zedong a few years after the founding of the People's Republic of China. The 3 antis imposed were: corruption, waste, bureaucracy.

Picture This Gallery, Hong Kong | Move Forward and Continue the Revolution. 繼續革命永向前, Vintage original Chinese Propaganda poster. Printed in Tianjin, China, 1971.

Picture This Gallery, Hong Kong | Hong Kong's Comrades stand united against British Imperialism. 港九爱国同胞动员起来 坚决反击英帝国主义的挑衅! Vintage original Chinese Propaganda poster encouraging Hong Kong supporters of the Chinese Government to stand up against British Rule. Printed in Shanghai, China, 1967. Linenbacked. Rare.

Cultural Revolution depends on Mao's Thoughts, 1969

К.И. Рудаков. Письмо на фронт. Папа, бей фашистов! Ленинград, Издание Полиграфической мастерской ЛССХ (?) СССР, 1941-1943

Chinese Propaganda Poster - The red detachment ballet

Celebrating the Tenth National Congress of the Young Communist League of China, 1975