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fan_foods: Because Who DOESN'T Want To Eat Souls? Yummy where is this? i want it

I WANT THEM!!! Sssttteeiiin!!! Dr. Stein Costume WIP - Shoes by ~ShaneVamp on deviantART

Pour passer un bon gateaux avec vos amis, voici une recette pour faire Pâte au chocolat et à la noix de coco.

I would do this for maka cosplay even though she doesn't eat the souls, soul does, he partner.

Soul eater cosplay. The ragnarok is so realistic!

Dango, Japanese dessert. It looks delicious, but I'm very curious about how it tastes, gotta make it soon!

Chunky Monkey Brownies Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen these ooey, gooey brownies are filled with chocolate baking melts, chocolate chips and bananas. They are beyond amazing.