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Native American Beadwork Hat Bands Navajo Sheri Jackson’s crossband design hat band worked in 13/14º seed beads using white and three shades of blue on a black background. The loomwork measures 1/2″ wide x 22-5/8″ long and is finished with coordinating black leather ties each 6″ long. $72.00

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Piquants de porc-épic, boucles d'oreilles. Amérindien. Native American. Autochtone. Bijoux Amérindiens. Rocaille et Howlite rose.Porc-épics

Porc Épics,Autochtone Bijoux,American Autochtone,Épic Boucles,Oreilles Amérindien,Amérindien Native,Amérindiens Creation,Bijoux Amérindiens,Piquants

Comanche Native American Beadwork Hat Bands A one of a kind green turquoise/multi rainbow and horseshoe cut bead hat band was made by nationally recognized Comanche artist Jr. Weryackwe. The hat band measures 5/8" high x 22-1/4" long. It's finished with white leather ends and ties each 8" long. Signed by the artist. $175.25

DIY tutoriel pour réaliser un tipi en perles delicas miyuki Rose Moustache

Native American Beadwork Hat Bands Navajo Sheri Jackson's light blue/multi starflame pattern hat band: Worked in 14º seed beads using black, pearl white, metallic gold, tan and deep iridescent magenta on a light blue background, the loomwork is just over 1/2" high x 22-3/8" long. $83.25

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Bead Pattern Loom(Bracelet Cuff)-Horse Design 2

Peyote Tissage,Perles Peyote,Accessoires,Bijoux,Bracelet De Peyotl,Bracelets De Perles Tissées,Bracelets De Métiers À Tisser,Peyotl Perlée,Pattern Loom Bracelet

free native american beadwork loom patterns | beaded hatband front ojibwa beaded hatband on loom in progress

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Choker piquants de porc-épic et ses boucle d'oreilles. Amérindien. Native American. Totem animal. Medecine du Porc-épic. Spiritualité

Porcupine quills choker with earrings. Native american necklace Animal Totem…

Tubular beadwork tutorial (Chenille Stitch): a simple idea for a tubular beadwork | Beading Tutorial