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VIKING GOLD LOOPED BEZEL RING. 9th-11th century C.E. A round-section gold hoop with tapering ends forming a running scroll and coiled about the shank.

Bronze Viking brooch

The Funen bracteate (DR BR42 = DR IK58), found in Funen, Denmark. The runic inscription is read as: houaz laþu aaduaaaliia a-- or alternatively houaz / laþu aa duaaalii(a) / al(u) According to the display at the National Museum of Denmark, houaz is interpreted as "The High One", a name of Odin.

Incredible detail...Gold brooch found in Denmark and dated to the year one thousand (National Historical Museum in Stockholm). By Mararie. (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Solar pendant. Cross in the circle symbolizes the Sun. The Eastern slavs, the town of Lutsk, 11th Century.

Carolingian manuscript. The sea crossing point invasions. Charts the life of St. Aubin . Second part of the XI th century. Roughly contemporary with the Bayeux Tapestry, this representation of a boat from Normandy besiege Guerande surprised by the determination of the warriors, not very sensitive to the fragility and decay of their boat (broken masts and torn sails) or the state sea, yet formed. On a sea very stylized, ...

The Canterbury Pendant, early 7th century © Canterbury Museum Service AOlympic gold medal, 1908n exquisite example of Anglo-Saxon craftsmanship

Bracelet from ancient Rome, with gold and semi precious stones, ca 2nd-4th century A.D.

Viking age / Silver buckle / Gotland

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