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A dome support is so easy to make. Just bend a 10-foot length of 72-inch PVC pipe from corner to corner of your box, and then another from the opposite corners; then tie or bolt it at the intersection at the top to make a dome that can support any type of cover.

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21 DIY Greenhouses with Great Tutorials

21 DIY Greenhouses with Great Tutorials - A Piece of Rainbow

Welcome to The Square Foot Gardening

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Brillant : Un double seau spécial pour faire pousser les pommes de terre!

Urban potato farming. Take one plastic planter, cut out the sides and place in a second planter. Makes for easy harvesting.

MIni Greenhouse with easy open roof - Itsy Bitsy Spiders: click on home then garden

Great ideas on how to use chicken wire and inexpensive pvc pipe to form versatile frames that protect your raised beds!

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Des serres de jardin en matériaux de récup’

This small greenhouse are 100% recycled, We combined some old building bricks and three roof windows and cleverly assembled them. Then we add a little soil, planted the seeds of our choice and let them grow. In this way, the beautiful greenhouses protect the seedlings from weather and keep them warm until they are planted in a flowerbed or vegetable garden.

DIY Hoop House: Extend Your Garden Season: Jordan Valley Home & Garden Club