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In-Depth Storytelling by Second Story. Here at the Second Story Media Lab, we research new and emerging technologies that have the potential to enhance user experiences. As part of this ongoing quest, we are always on the lookout for new ways of sensing people in spaces. When we saw the depth-sensing camera at the Emerging Technologies exhibit area of Siggraph in 2008, we were intrigued by the possibilities. It would be several more years before the technology matured and was made available…

Head Tracking with a Transparent Display by Second Story. Second Story Labs has created a unique user experience by combining the new head tracking capabilities, recently added to Microsoft Kinect’s arsenal of features, with a transparent EL screen from Planar. As people approach the camera, the depth-sensing device passively tracks their faces and provides a computer with the 3d position and orientation of the user's head. We combined this information with openGL code and the…

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Helical Shelf System étagère à imprimer en 3D par Ed Rawle

Helical Shelf System étagère à imprimer en 3D par Ed Rawle - Blog Esprit Design

LED Cube and Volumetric Display by Second Story. Developer Sorob Louie explains the technology behind this Kinect-driven volumetric display.

Google, cherchant à satisfaire les individus situés dans les zones blanches, est entrain d’expérimenter un nouveau projet baptisé « Loon » dont la mission principale est de procurer un accès sans fil à Internet à travers des ballons stratosphériques gonflés à l’hélium.

Chromosonic. CHROMOSONIC project is an electronic textile that changes color, using the Arduino open-source platform. The dynamic changes in...

le mur répond à la présence des gens et allumant des led qui réagissent aux mouvement du spectateur. transposer les ondes du corps sur une surface luminescente.