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amazing portrait photo redefines "dirty old man" ; ) dirty from work in contrast with sharp blue eyes!

The Afghan rose, saddler in the bazaar Tashkourgan occasionally interrupts his work to breathe a rose with infinite delicacy. The old craftsman then seems to escape from this world. Mahmad Niyaz, May 1967. Roland and Sabrina Michaud.

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Portrait by Lee Jeffries - the amazing Lee Jeffries, who has made it his mission to show the humanity of homeless people and others that we so often walk by without seeing.

Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty - they merely move it from their faces into their hearts. ~ Martin Buxbaum

One pinner stated: "I love the character etched in his face." I couldn't agree more-- Therefore putting a spin on her words I'll state: "A face etched with a thousand stories..."

Lee Jefferies

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Femme nue, femme noire Vétue de ta couleur qui est vie, de ta forme qui est beauté J'ai grandi à ton ombre; la douceur de tes mains bandait mes yeux Et voilà qu'au coeur de l'Eté et de Midi, Je te découvre, Terre promise, du haut d'un haut col calciné Et ta beauté me foudroie en plein coeur, comme l'éclair d'un aigle - Oeuvres poétiques - Léopold Sédar Sengor