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Seaworld captivity and animal abuse.

Seaworld should stop imprisoning and exploiting Orcas. If you have not seen it, please watch Blackfish, a documentary by CNN, it will break your heart.

Love animals, don't eat them. And if you are going to eat them, at least demand that they are treated humanely!

This is what we support when we go to animal parks (like SeaWorld)! Wouldn't your child rather live in a world where wild animals swim free?

A previous pinner said: I know that images like these are horrible. But what's happening to animals in factory farms every day is horrible. Suffering, fear and death is reality for them. Is it right to turn a blind eye? No. We don't need to eat meat and dairy to be healthy. The right thing to do is go vegan.

Podemos mudar o mundo e torná-lo num local melhor. Mas está nas tuas mãos fazer a diferença!

See the difference? so do I! #DontBuyATicket #EmptyTheTanks #Blackfish

à partir de PETA

Asks 'Anchorman 2' to Cut SeaWorld Cruelty Out of the Script

Orcas in captivity - SeaWorld

The ocean is too big...said no orca ever. Say no to SEAWORLD! Don't support animal cruelty.