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Metal Candelabra

WHAT TO DO WITH IRISH? From Tudor Ireland reconquest until Irish Independence in 1921, English puzzled over what to do with those entire Irish people problem. English were committing genocide against the Irish since Queen Elizabeth, but the Irish bred fast and tough to kill. On other side of Atlantic, there was chronic labor shortage because local natives die out quickly in slavery conditions. Irish were wrong religion. They spoke wrong language. But the big problem was that there were just…

The Ethno-genesis of the Baltic peoples

This is an attempt to find out the ethnic origins of the Baltic peoples, whether they are the ones of Finnic (Estonians, etc.) or Balt (Latvians, etc.) origins. The time frame is from the first human lived in the region to the rule of Medieval Teutonic Knights. Whist I'm trying to be fair, it is hard to know what is actually correct since so much is just supposition about legends, old manuscripts and ancient artefacts. It is also possible that medieval invaders' accounts are bias towards…

Jewellery out of Alamannic graveyards in Regierungsbezirk Freiburg, Germany. Around 6th and 7th century.

Bayern, Germany babberly helps you figure out where to go, what to do, why a particular venue is so popular, and ultimately how to get the most out of your life by connecting to your local community

Aleksandr. Nevskaya bitva (2008)

Young prince Aleksandr has to hold out against two enemies - the Horde in the east and the Teutonic order and Sweden in the west. He discovers that some boyars are plotting against him and are ready to betray Novgorod to the Swedes and the Germans to boost their trade. Language: Russian 6/10 Full movie

In 1211, King Andrew II of Hungary sought help from the Teutonic Knights to defend the southeast border of his country- a region known as Burzenland- to protect it from the invading Cuman people. In return for defending Burzenland, the Knights were given control of it. However, the Hungarians apparently found the Germanic people just as annoying as the Cumans, and subsequently kicked them out roughly 10 years later.

The rune Isa means ice. To the ancients the forces of nature seen in the ice colored their cosmology - the realm, Niflheim was a place of frost, cold, and ice. The rune is a simple line- a wall or barrier. You won't move forward at this time. Rune of an iced over heart, frozen parts of self that have yet to emerge. The Norse Goddess Skadi can be invoked and asked for a soul spring- a hand up out of the cold. Rune Readings for your mythic journey: