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I know I have pinned this quote before but today it seems fit to repost! !

35 Undeniably Romantic Love Quotes

I'm just afraid that he would find out I like him this much and find me weird and ignore me.. :( that's when it would really fall apart and hurt.

Wow, ain't that the truth. But he worked his butt off and proved himself later and of course I couldn't resist. Now we are married with our own little family. Its perfect :)

And I'm sorry but you never truly get over it. Five years later, you'll be lying on your bed listening to music and a song will come on. The song will be so full of memories and you'll start sobbing. You'll remember the good times, the bad, but mostly you'll wonder why? Why now? The wound never completely heals. But that's a part of loving, you know. You give pieces of your soul to the people and places and things you fall in love with. I like to believe that when I die, it'll all be given…