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you don't have to be the star of the show, cause no matter what you'll be the only star that my eyes will see. #simplicity

omg.Boys with their ears pierced and/or small stretchers<3<3<3

Matthew Noszka | Matthew Noszka , Models , Brian Jamie Photography , Tattoos

Normally, I think graphic T's make you look like a tacky, middle-aged gay man who's trying to hard, but this I like.

à partir de Berry

Things I wish my boyfriend would wear (30 photos)

Day 5 - (T) Everyone else wakes up a couple hours later. The twins are busy calling up their friends and setting up base. He gives Nicole cash to go shopping so the girls' will be outta their hair. Night - After his friends leave, he seems more nervous and quiet. He avoid eye contact with Nicole, until later on that night. He's starting to feel the guilt.

It wasn't really the photography that attracted me to this picture, hur hur. Gaspard Ulliel isn't just a piece of eye candy, he's the whole dang candy shop.

Hoodie, beanie, sunglasses