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17th century working class reproduction

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Costume design by Christian Lacroix for a Molière play.

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Dress of servant (front) under Louis XIII era, 1610-1660

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Two Nerdy History Girls: What the Maidservant Wore, c 1770. Like nearly all 18th c women's clothing, regardless of cost, Abby's gown is pinned closed in front (see detail, left). While men's clothing fastened with buttons and ties, women pinned their clothes together with straight pins; the points of the pins were safely buried in the multiple layers of gown and stays. Pinning was not only a neat finish, but also offered an endless, practical range of adjustments to a woman's changing body.

In 1680 the Duchess de Fontanges, having her hat blown off at a royal hunting party, tied her curls in place with her garter, arranging a bow with ends in front. From that incident a new fashion evolved—a cap of tier of upstanding wired and pleated ruffles of lawn, lace, and ribbons. The hair dressed in that fashion was called coif-fure a la Fontanges, and the cap with its narrow rising front was known as le bonnet a la Fontanges. The cap often had two floating pieces of ribbon or lace in…