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Nouvelle acquisition latine 1673, fol. 94, Marchand de vêtements de laine. Tacuinum sanitatis, Milano or Pavie (Italy), 1390-1400.

Les Tres Riches Heures du Jean, Duc de Berry, created in 1416

Laundry washing bin, apron, and a tucked skirt too! Le livre appellé Decameron, 1401-1500

Medieval doctor cutting open a patient's skull with a hammer and blade. Illustration from a 14th century French medical manuscript by Guy of Pavia.

Breviarium ad usum fratrum Predicatorum, dit Bréviaire de Belleville. Bréviaire de Belleville, vol. II (partie été) Auteur : Jean Pucelle. Enlumineur Auteur : Maître du Cérémonial de Gand. Enlumineur Date d'édition : 1323-1326 Type : manuscrit Langue : Latin Français

Woman with cheese, 16th century from a set of 24 panel paintings of Noord-Holland women currently on display in the Kaasmuseum (cheese museum) in Alkmaar, Netherlands.

Dionysius I humiliates the women of Locri (fol. 98v) in De casibus (BNF Fr. 226), first quarter of the 15th century

Early 15thC Les Tres Riches Heures de Duc de Berry. Man working in the fields in shirt and short underpants.

Go to this Frenchman's blog to see a huge array of terrific visual art references on men's 12th century clothing. His research was thorough and his costume beautiful :)

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