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1660 .:2:. by on @deviantART - From the artist's comments: "In 1660s dresses have wide necklines, puffy sleeves and long, pointed bodices. And they're really simple in comparision with the clothes of men."

1680 .:2:. by on @deviantART - From the artist's comments: "She's also wearing a form of a fontange - headdress made of tiers of wired lace decorated by ribbons and lappets. It was popular from 1680 to around 1710 in France."

Mademoiselle de Bethisy and Her brother Eugene-Eleonore de Bethisy by Alexis Simon Belle 1st quarter 18th century

1470 fashion of 15th century Western Europe. Woman's wearing a burgundian gown, with high waistline and v-neck. Middle-Ages were very colorful, but, like today, black was also very desirable (it was expensive color). She's very fashionable, so she has her eyebrows and forehead plucked. She's wearing forked hennin. In the second half of the 15th century very long, dagged sleeves fell somewhat out of fashion and tight, or at least tighter sleeves gained popularity

1840 .:2:. by on @DeviantArt

La grande Mademoiselle in fancy dress as an Amazon. Anne Marie Louise d'Orléans, Duchess of Montpensier was the eldest daughter of Gaston d'Orléans, uncle of Louis XIV; Louis was her cousin.

1660 french fashion plates - Google Search

French evolution of hair style, 1600-1650

Egypt .:2:. by on @DeviantArt