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Casque Celte de Silivas (Alba, Roumanie), daté du 4ème- 3ème av J-C

Riveting Ancient Discovery In England

Iron Age Bronze Helmet Found By Metal Detector In England Declared Buried 'Treasure' (PHOTO)

Casco etrusco de tipo Negau. Altura 17 cm. Siglo V-I a.C. Musée d'Archéologie Nationale Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Inv nº MAN4761.

A 'jockey cap' type of Gallic helmet made from thin sheet bronze was too flimsy to offer much protection to the wearer. Found in the river Marne, France. La Tene D 120 - 50 BC (British Museum)

Casque Gaulois ( La Tène I-II Angeville Eure) bronze, or ,émail, fer

historicaldetailsandstuff: Bronze helmet found at the Thames, with the characteristic wide neck guard, c. 43AD. Note the similarity to the Roman ‘coolus’ style of helm. Also note the several dents upon the helmet, suggesting it was worn into battle and was not a ritual offering.

Cowhide knapsack from the Hallstat salt mine, Austria, 10-9th century BC

Brigantes Nation Celtic Iron Age Finds. Helmet AD 50-150 Possibly found in northern Britain Copper alloy helmet with repoussé ornement on the neck guard. Originally the cross-hatched studs were covered with opaque red glass.

bronze Celtic helmet, found in the chariot burial from La Gorge-Meillet. 5th century BC

Etruscan Montefortino-type helmet Bronze, Montefortino-type helmet. Perugia, Monteluce Necropolis, Tomb of 4/19/1887. 350-300 BCE. Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Perugia, Umbria