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Nuvo Visage has Velcro straps that fit over bandages post facial surgery, and will help with swelling and bruising

Lazy Fashion Stylist - Injury

Mierswa & Kluska

Beauty | Mierswa & Kluska

Plastic Surgery: Buyer's Remorse

Thinking about plastic surgery? Read this first.

PHOTOS - Steven Meisel, Vogue Italia / Juillet 2005

Steven Meisel, Vogue Italia - Plastic surgery

Masha Voronina by Michelle Du Xuan for Tush Winter 2010

Some go into cosmetic surgery thinking that they will come out looking like their role model but in most cases cosmetic surgery doesn't go as planed and things can go wrong. Because every procedures has its risk and with cosmetic surgery infections can get started. Also your look may be ruined.

.This piece is very different, but still inspirational in the fact that having something missing of the woman but then through her face showing how she really feels, like a fear inside her head. This has given me an idea to use my text and word this way, where the missing part of the person is the words come out to say how that person is really feeling. #hiddenthoughts

A fascinating historical look at cosmetic surgery procedures.

A fascinating historical look at cosmetic surgery procedures.

In Search Of Golden Proportions - Mierswa & Kluska