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Artificial left arm, London, England, 1927.

3d printed prosthetic hand | Computer-controlled artificial leg offers a more natural gait

Prothèses du 16ème Siècle (4)

Gray Corset of Catherine of Medici Epoche, 1590

Fenestrated jacket for right dorsal curve, from Robert W. Lovett’s Lateral curvature of the spine and round shoulders, c. 1922.

In 1800, James Potts, a man from London, England, designed a prosthesis made of a wooden shank and socket, steel knee joint, and an articulated foot. The articulated foot was controlled by catgut tendons that ran from the knee to the ankle. Potts’ prosthesis became known as the “Anglesey Leg” after the Marquess of Anglesey, who lost his leg in the Battle of Waterloo and wore the leg.

Prosthetic Limbs That Are Works Of Art

YouBionic 3D printed prosthetic hand (nouvelle prothèse de main en étude)

Artificial limbs from 1900 were decades ahead of their time http://mashable.com/2015/07/26/early-prosthesis/

The 'Bone Aid' is a simple flat-packed board with a printed folding guide which allows it to be folded in three different ways, making it an effective cast for elbows, legs or ankles... READ MORE at Yanko Design !

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