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Doesn't even matter who said what AND ANOTHER THING! Not to judge the artist (seriously I love this) ALMOST everyone draws the archangels with TWO wing when they're supposed to have SIX. Just fyi <<<< Point being: this is beautiful. (๑•ᴗ•๑)♡

i don't know why but i feel bad for the King of hell

Balthazar Surnaturel,Castiel Surnaturel,Enseignement Bébé,Des Leçons De Pilotage,Supernatural Gabriel,Castiel S,Castiel Cute,Supernatural Madness,Teaching Cas

"Castiel in Fire," by wuyemantou #supernatural #castiel

Tags: Supernatural, Castiel, Cafe De Labeill, Lucifer (Supernatural), Anna Milton, Gabriel (Supernatural), Uriel (Supernatural), Joshua (Supernatural), Michael (Supernatural), Balthazar (Supernatural), Raphael (Supernatural)