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Que dire à part #HarryPotter #ForEver ❤️

101 Dalmatians, 1996 (6+) Directed by Stephen Herek and co-produced by John Hughes and Ricardo Mestres, it stars Glenn Close, Hugh Laurie, Mark Williams, Tim McInnerny, Jeff Daniels and Joely Richardson. This funny story happened in England at Christmas ... villain Cruella De Vil decides to steal exactly 101 Dalmatians to complete your collection of his fur. However, she still has no idea what was coming, because the owners and parents of little spotted puppy will not sit idly by

Roland Emmerich lectures us on global warming; about as blunt as chainsaw to the eyelid and as effective as a piece of bubble gum on a broken dam. Still remains a cheesy guilty pleasure with lots and lots and lots of guilty written all over it.

i'll never forget this movie, for one very specific reason.

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