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Radha and Krsna suprised by a Storm in a walled garden at night. The storm without reflects the storm within. Kangra, India 1800-25/

Shiva and Devi on Gajasura's Hide, c. 1675-1680. India, Pahari Hills, Basohli school, 17th century.

Miniature. “Four Women in a Palace Garden” India, Bundi; mid-18th century

Bhairavi Ragini Shiva Puja at Night. Rajasthan, India / Embodied <3

Indian miniature, Akbar period, 1600-1605The very idea of a bird is a symbol and a suggestion to the poet. A bird seems to be at the top of the scale, so vehement and intense his life… . The beautiful vagabonds, endowed with every grace, masters of all climes, and knowing no bounds — how many human aspirations are realised in their free, holiday-lives — and how many suggestions to the poet in their flight and song! — John Burroughs (1837-1921)

Krishna plays the flute at night during a storm. (Megh Mallar) India.

ca. 1640 Uddhav (sent by Krishna) to Console the Dejected Gopis after Krsna departs: a Bhramar Gita. Udaipur, Mewar, India attr. to Sahibdin

Supplément persan 1029, folio 107v Les Cinq Poèmes de Nezâmî, Khosrow et Chîrîn Les noces de Khosrow et Chîrîn Ecole safavide, 1620-1624 "Khosrow se mit d’abord à cueillir maintes fleurs ; alors la belle, telle une rose, se mit à rire. La pomme et le jasmin étaient pleins de saveur ; tantôt ses seins, belles grenades, tantôt ses yeux, charmants narcisses, étaient l’objet de jeux."

SRI RAGA - The Sri Raga painting is a depiction of Krishna (or Shiva) as he sits with his consort and listens to a bearded musician. This singer is identified as Narada, who is accompanied by a horse-headed musician known as the celestial kinnara (Tumburu). An Illustration from a Ragamala Series, c. 1740 India, Mughal, 18th century

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